Welcome to N2k Music

Welcome to N2K Music Group (Next to Kin), the newest Hip Hop label originating from Dallas, Texas, founded by A&R Veteran Kennie J. 

There was always a Love of Basketball in the summer of 2002 when Founder Kennie J.   attended El Centro Community College but soon to realize the music business was his calling. In 2003 he attended  Dallas Sound Lab via Media Tech and became certified in Music Business. From there he took his passion and business mind to start his own A&R company while  getting a job at Sound City record store in Dallas,Texas and working with Nuttin-Nyce Productions.  Every step of the way  Kennie was perfecting his craft on customer and artist relations.

Fast forward to present day N2K music, LLC is now revive with fresh artist on their roster and destined for longevity in the music industry .


In 2018 N2K Music Group was acquired by Music Conglomerate Beckler Entertainment who wanted to further their  outreach in the Urban Music Community. Together they have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in Hip Hop and in the Music Industry as a whole.  

N2K's featured artist 420 Bastard Boy (pictured left) from Tyler, Texas is a seasoned but new face to the East Texas music scene and is expanding his reach all over Texas and the United States. Other artists to hit the scene from N2K include Dakota Dillon from McKinney, Texas, expected to drop his 1st EP early 2019. 

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